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Why use a WordPress Maintenance Service?

In the quest to grow a successful online business, choosing WordPress as your content management system (CMS) makes sense.

Its ease of use and background power allow non-developers to showcase text, graphics, and video, products and offers with ease.

In order to create and operate a website of benefit to your business, much more has to be taken into account than appearance and content, however.

WordPress maintenance services are the answer for discerning companies who use this most popular CMS.

Without proper updates, maintenance, and security, all your hard work is at risk. A proper and complete WordPress maintenance service offering can help prevent would-be hackers before they affect your bottom line or online reputation.

When you look for a service provider, the following tasks and responsibilities should be covered in a professional and prompt manner.

Quick Updates Keep WordPress Running Smoothly

WordPress updates semi-frequently and not pushing these through to live site as soon as possible can lead to security issues and glitches that may make your website look less than professional. Content could be displayed incorrectly, which discourages site visitors from staying on site and exploring more.

Besides updating the WordPress CMS itself, plugins used to construct the site or augment its functionality must be updated as soon as possible too.

Unsupported or unverified plugins could cause security breaches, unattractive and unproductive glitches, and stop visitors from using the site as it is intended.

The right service will perform these updates automatically and as soon as they are available. Since the WP support team’s main focus is WordPress, they will always be aware of when updates are required and should push these updates to your site as soon as they are released.

Security Checks Protect Your Content and Customers

Besides updates, other factors affect website security.

Having your site hacked by unscrupulous people is one of the most damaging things that could happen to your online business presence.

Not only could your content and data be compromised or destroyed, but it could also be replaced with something that could grossly misrepresent your company and damage your reputation.

A professional and experienced WordPress maintenance support team should include malware scanning and continuous monitoring for security breaches.

Regular Backups Mean You Will Never Lose Anything

When servers or databases crash or security is compromised, you could lose a considerable amount of content, such as recent blog posts or new pages, or fail to retain customer or client information that was entered through a form on your WP website.

The key to never experiencing this business-damaging event are regular backups.

The right service will handle the download, storage, or transfer of all database backups so your content and information is always safe and available to be srestored if need be.

This is usually done on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. If anything does go wrong, these backups can be used easily get your pages back online again.

Monitoring Uptime Means Site Visitors Stick

Potential customers and clients can only make decisions about whether to buy or hire your company when your website is available for viewing.

An unavailable site signifies a lack of professionalism on the part of the website owner and the associated company.

The last thing you want to do is rely on site visitors to tell you when your website is offline. Having a WordPress maintenance service constantly monitor and work to correct the situation gives you peace of mind that go conversion opportunities will be missed.

Content and Backend Optimization Boosts Speed

Not only do you want a website that is available 99.9% of the time, you also needed to load quickly and be available for busy browsers whenever they turn on their computer, smartphone, or mobile device.

Speed comes from proper optimization of content, code, and backend data.

Not only does a proper optimization process increase load speeds, it can also help eliminate potential security weaknesses.

When choosing a WordPress maintenance services provider, many small business or website owners feel intimidated because they do not understand the in-depth requirements for a smoothly running WP site.

The above criteria showcase the minimum services you should look for

Other options for services provided by WordPress Maintenance Service providers should include:

  • Plugin choice, installation, and updating.
  • Minor developmental edits for unique requirements.
  • Content creation and management such as blog posting or video uploading.
  • Website hosting options.
  • Whole-site transfer between hosts or to a new domain name.
  • Hour-based consultation and WordPress or business education.

WordPress maintenance services fulfil a considerable number of professional website needs.

To maximise the efficacy of your WordPress site, it requires:

  • maximum uptime
  • minimum glitches
  • lack of security breaches
  • constant monitoring, and
  • regular backups

While all of these tasks can be learned or handled by an in-house IT team, engaging the services of a professional WP support group on a freelance basis can save your company a lot of money and stress in the long term.

You can target your team’s efforts on creating compelling content, marketing to capture or convert leads, customer or client relations, and planning new profit and growth goals to propel your WordPress hosted website into new levels of success.

WordPress Maintenance & Optimisation Service

ProActive Care+

With well over 18 months of development time poured into this service offering, we are immensely proud of ProActive Care+. A hassle-free WordPress Maintenance Service which includes: Hosting, Site Speed Optimisation, and 360° reporting on every aspect of your WordPress powered site. Regardless of where you are with your WordPress strategy, we’ve got you covered.

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