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SSL activated for all clients!

We are absolutely delighted to inform all clients that, effective immediately, all websites managed and serviced by us have had SSL certificates installed and activated!

With such awesome news, we could only think of one way to announce it…

Over to you Oprah!

Ok, that’s wonderful, but what does this mean?

The long and short of what SSL certificates bring to the table for you and your clients is simply this: the connection between their browser and your website is encrypted and secure, so information between your site and the user can’t be intercepted. This is a particularly important if your site is a e-commerce facing.

Search Engines love SSL

Of course, the other benefit of this is that it’s a big plus for your Search Engine Optimisation efforts, as Google sees this as a strong signal that you are a reputable business.

Will this affect my website speed?

No it won’t! The hosting service that we use as our backbone host recently upgraded all their infrastructure to HTTP/2 which means that having your site’s connection encrypted won’t have performance lags.

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