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WordPress Maintenance Service

ProActive Care+

A hassle-free WordPress Maintenance Service which includes, Optimisation & Hosting with one aim in mind: helping you focus on growing your business, while we make sure your site is safe, secure, speedy and scales to meet your needs and your customer’s demands.

WordPress Maintenance Service

ProActive Care+

A hassle-free WordPress Maintenance, Optimisation & Hosting service with one aim in mind: helping you focus on growing your business, while we make sure your site is safe, secure, speedy and scales to meet your needs and your customer’s demands.

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ProActive Care+ Features

We’ve All Been There.

You log into your WordPress site and receive a notification that a new WordPress release is available. You dismiss the notice and start to add the new piece of content, you’ve been working on for over a week.

After all, there only so many hours in the day, and ensuring that your WordPress site is up to date, can feel like is a chore.

But That Is The Problem.

If you have outdated versions of code on your WordPress site, albeit the core, theme or plugins, you are opening your online business up to unnecessary risk.

The worst case scenario being your site going offline or getting hacked!

And no one likes a hacked site, especially your clients!

ProActive Care+

A product designed to give you, a headache free experience with your WordPress site.

You can trust us to take the hassle, stress, and anxiety out of maintaining your WordPress powered site by keeping it updated and finely-tuned to convert clients quicker.

A WordPress Maintenance Service. Perfected.

Unsure what to look for in a WordPress Maintenance Service?

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Over 15 Years Of Experience To Help You Succeed

Our Approach: Step 1

Discovering Your Needs

Every business is different with its own unique approach to doing business.

Because of this we do a complete audit of your website as it is and try to see what needs fixing and what doesn’t. We leave no stone unturned in figuring out how we can improve and make your site better.

Our Approach: Step 2

Bug Hunting & Fixing

We’ve conducted the audit and now it’s time to bring your site up to speed! Literally speaking that is. We begin implementing the recommendations from our site audit by fixing any buggy elements that we picked up on. We also try to make your site as quick and responsive as possible, after all the quicker a site the more likely it is to convert visitors to customers.

Our Process: Step 3

Setting You Up For Success

If it is one thing we have learnt over years it is to make sure that your web analytics and tracking is setup correctly. After all, how can you make informed decisions using bad, or even worse, the wrong data! Assuming you use Google Analytics we will audit your account and bring it up to industry best practices so you can make sound business decisions.

Our Approach: Step 4

Optimisation, Monitoring & Maintenance

They say that prevention is better than cure, and with that in mind we actively watch and monitor your site for any problems that it may encounter, making sure that it is always up, always safe and always secure. Of course it goes without saying that we take care of all the boring upgrading and maintenance of your site as well, leaving you to concentrate on growing your business.

Our Approach: Step 5

Partners In Growth

Your site is now up to speed, it is safe and secure and being constantly looked after. Your web analytics is sanitized and you have data to help you make the right decisions. In short you have an excellent foundation to build on and increase your client base. We are also experts on just about all aspects of online marketing and can help get your website in front of your target audience.

Like Our Approach?

Then let us begin the process of making your WordPress site more secure, more safe and  heaps quicker as well – in short, a better web experience for you and your customers

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Don’t take our word for it

What Our Clients Have To Say

Service has been amazing – fast, exceptional knowledge and reliable.  Highly recommend!

Lauren F, Brisbane Australia

“Brilliant service and knows his stuff.”

Marc D, Sydney Australia

“Great service.”

Jan M, Johannesburg South Africa

Features to Accelerate Your Growth



WordPress Training

Never be lost again! All plans have, as a standard, training that covers all aspects of your WordPress site, and although we do the vast majority of these configurations for you by default, we feel as the site owner you should be able to do these tasks as well.


Super-fast Hosting & Integrated CDN

We believe that a fast site is a site that sells and converts customers. We make use of super-fast production servers that have an integrated Content Delivery Network as well as custom built caching technology to make sure your site is always ready for anything you could just about throw at it!


Backups: Hourly, Daily, Weekly

Redundancy is something that is often overlooked when it comes to website infrastructure. As standard, we do a full backup of your production & staging site daily, as well as cloud – based offsite hourly backups of your database and a full backup of your site every day.


24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We check and monitor the uptime of your site, around the clock, 24/7 and are notified of downtime within 5 minutes of the site going offline. Once confirmed we start the process of finding and fixing the reasons for why the site has gone dark.


24/7 Anti-hacking & Security Checking

As we all know prevention is better than cure and with that in mind, we actively monitor any attempts to hack your site on an ongoing basis as well as scheduled scanning for malware on a daily basis.


Reporting On Just About Everything

We are all about transparency and accountability. All plans come with an integrated dashboard that reports all major metrics about the performance of your site. We also make sure that we notify you of any and all updates that happen to your site.


Online Marketing Performance Tracking

We actively track your site’s keyword performance in your localised version of Google, but not only that we also track how your Social Media efforts are growing.


Professional Google Analytics Setup

The foundation of any strategy begins with making sure that the data coming is clean as possible. That’s why we will audit and clean up your Google Anlaytics profile, bringing it up to scratch using best practice techniques.

Want These Features On Your WordPress Website?

Then let’s start the process of enhancing your WordPress website with them!

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Some of the rock star brands we’ve worked with

Clients Who Trust Our Work

Client: Kyocera Document Solutions (South Africa)
Client: Sanofi (Australia)
Client: Golden Glow (Australia)
Client: Eclectic Style (Australia)
Client: ST Umbrellas (South Africa)
Client: Telfast (Australia)
Client: Cenovis (Australia)
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