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Pingdom + Wistia + Integrated Dashboard Reporting

Brief Overview

The changes we will be implementing:

  • Upgrading our uptime monitoring software and integrating the results into our shiny new integrated reporting tool.
  • Adding business video streaming into the Conversionomics packages so you don’t have competitors pushing advertisements on your content onYoutube.
  • Adding LIVE integrated reporting so you can check on all aspects of your site in one convenient place. We sill be reporting on things like Uptime, Google Analytics, Facebook Google Adwords, and just anything else that you would like to have added in. Groovy.

We are also about halfway through deploying SSL certificates to on all our clients sites to help improve with your sites SEO / Organic Search Visibility.

For those who want to find more about what this all means, continue scrolling down!

Pingdom: Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring software, for those who don’t know, is web-based applications that constantly “ping” your site to see if the site is still up and running and serving your clients – basically checking to see that everything on your site is as it should be.

After all how much will it cost you if your site goes offline and you don’t know about it? Hundreds maybe even thousands of “Benjamins” or in the South African lexicon “Randelas“!

This is where Pingdom comes in.

Pingdom is enterprise grade uptime monitoring software that will immediately tell us if your site has gone offline so we can immediately jump in and tend to the situation.

Although we run near bullet proof cloud-based servers, things do go wrong from time to time – we know that and that’s why we are investing in a more robust uptime monitoring service to make sure that we always know what is going on with your website!

We have always had uptime monitoring activated on clients sites (bet you didn’t know that :]), however, it was only entry level and had limitations as to what information it was passing onto us for debugging purposes.

What’s more we are also adding this to our integrated dashboard reporting system – a bit more about that later.

Wistia: Business Class Video Hosting

We all have dreams of launching our very own “viral video” and breaking Youtube’s play counter.

However there has always been one glaring problem with Youtube, and that is that because it’s owned by Google it means your competitors can have ads running against your content.

In other words: they are earning money by showing your competitions video ad on your content.

The cheek!

Enter Wistia, enterprise video streaming.

No more “pesky” ads  displayed against your content.

Wistia, also, integrates back into Mailchimp our chosen bulk mailing provider.

… and finally

Integrated Dashboarding

The biggest problem with reporting is that a lot of the time a person has to take multiple data sets from different sources (such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Facebook) and then tries to make sense of it all.

This always means multiple excel workbooks, pivot charts and data formatting… which is all great if you have the time.

Frustration abounds – especially around the reporting dates as your data analyst is pulling hair trying to chart conversion rates!

Well, no more!

We are moving to an integrated reporting solution, where we will be able to report on just about anything that involves your site and it’s marketing efforts.

And it is all located in one dashboard which you can print to PDF for internal auditing if you want.

Wawaweewa – great success!

Here are some of the services we can report on:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Mailchimp
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Website Rankings
  • and custom datasets = just about anything really.
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