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Our Story

The Crowd Digital was started when Janeke Wissekerke and Michael Jon Wissekerke returned back from living two and half years in Australia, where Janeke studied at one of the top 100 Universities in the world, and Michael worked as a Search and Analytics manager in corporate Australia.

They felt that the expertise that they had gained while working and studying in Australia should be added to the knowledge pool in South Africa, and so with that thought, The Crowd Digital was born.

What’s in a name: Our Moniker

Our name was inspired by the book: “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind” written in 1895 by Gustave Le Bon, and was arguably one of the first books to try and theorise how people behave within the context of crowds and group psychology.

What We Do

The Crowd Digital is a niche online marketing agency, where we attempt to make “the web a better place” through better user experiences and a more holistic approach to search marketing, web analytics & conversion rate optimisation.

Which is  really just a jargon-filled way of saying: we build online marketing solutions that help companies improve their bottom line.

However, that is not our only specialisation.

We are also experts with all things WordPress, which comes naturally if you’ve been building off the platform for about 7 years, because of this knowledge we launched ProActive Care+,which in it’s simplest terms is a fully managed WordPress a SaaS-type service.

Our Philosophy

With minimalism as the core fundamental on which our work is based, we try to give our clients efficient & hassle free services at a world-class level. 

Minimalism as a business driver

It’s important to note that when we say minimalism we do not mean the “bare minimum”. Within, our context we use the term to define using the right tools and expertise for the job at hand. Whether that job is doing full-scale SEO audits on sites or designing a new WordPress powered site from scratch.

This is a conscious decision that we make every day to drive efficiency and to make sure that the service we deliver to clients is quick and effective.


Michael Jon Wissekerke

With over 14 years experience in the digital space Michael is a self-confessed web geek who returned from Australia in 2012 after working as the in-house Search & Analytics Manager for multinational pharmaceutical giant Sanofi. 

Before that, he developed the search marketing strategies for a multinational online gambling group.

He has contributed to Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa as well as IGB Affiliate Magazine

Janeke Wissekerke

Janeke is a professional architect who received her master’s degree in architecture from the University of Queensland Australia where she graduated with a distinction in design.

She has a passion for photography and loves to try and seek out new ways to view the world with.

Her design approach and aesthetic is the philosophy on which The Crowd revolves around.

Janeke’s work has been featured in magazine and publications such as Joburg Style, Nubian Bride, The Get It Magazine

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