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Flexibility and the Need to Overhaul What We Bill Clients for

Sometimes, in an effort to simplify things, we actually make things more complicated than what they should be, hence why from the 1st of May we will be changing what we bill customers for.

This came after some reflection on what we bill clients for and realising, that in many instances, clients may want to have less maintenance done on their site during certain periods and more in others. Unfortunately, the way we had previously structured our plans was a bit too rigid to allow for this.

Better Line Itemization

Moving forward we will be billing you on two items related to your site:

  • Hosting, and
  • Maintenance Fee’s

We feel that this will enable customers to scale up or down  dependent on their needs, but also, give a bit more transparency into how many development hours you are paying us to maintain your site and keep in tip top shape.

At anytime you can reach out to us and ask to have more hours added or subtracted.

The Impact on Invoice Totals

We have tried to get the new billing structures as close to what you previously paid, and where the amount became more than what it was previously, we applied a discount to make it the same, in some instances clients are actually paying less.

If you have any issues please do reach out to us so we can sort it out for you as soon as possible.

The Impact on Plans, Value Added Services & Integrations

As you may have guessed by now, we will now not be offering plans depending on what type of site a client may have any more, but rather, bill clients on the combination of the fixed hosting fee + the required maintenance and development hours per month.

In terms of value-added services and integrations, we will be keeping everything as it stands for the moment. If things change we will send out another notification at least 30 days before the change is implemented assuming a client doesn’t want to move their development hours up or down.

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