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Complimentary Search Engine Keyword Tracking

Starting Monday the 7th of March we will be deploying complimentary search engine keyword tracking on branded terms for all clients. This report will be generated once a month and will track the current rankings for branded terms.

Now you may be asking what is this, and why is this relevant to me? so do please allow me to break it down for you.

The Basics: What is Search Engine Ranking?

When you query Google or any search engine for that matter you are returned with a set of results, which the search engine, has determined are the most relevant results to your query. What is returned is know as the SERPs or Search Engine Results Page.

Where a site is positioned in on the returned results page is known as your ranking. 

Navigational  / Branded Terms?

Branded terms are keywords that are associated with your company name and or products – so of course, you would want to be as high up the search engine results as possible for those terms.

Conversely, non-branded terms are keywords that don’t have your company, or products in them, but may be industry related.

A Quick Working Example: Let’s assume you own are a company that sells “t-shirts” and your name is “Awesome Tees”.  Any keyword or key phrase that has “Awesome Tees” in it would be a branded / navigational term, however, “t-shirts” or even “green t-shirt buy” is non-branded.

Are there any catches to this?

Nope, no catches, it is a complementary service we are adding onto all clients current plans, however, the amount of keywords that we will be tracking will be a maximum of 10 and the keyword determination is out our discretion.

What if I want to track more keywords?

No problem! Please do reach out and contact us so that we can pull together a customised plan for you.

How will I receive these reports?

Initially, we will be pushing these reports to Podio, but we are working towards developing an automated monthly recap email newsletter that will contain a link to the downloadable report.

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