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Changes to ProActive Care

We are in the process of changing ProActive Care our main WordPress Maintenance service offering. What we will be implementing is the removal of the ProACtive Care+ package at the end of June and basically augmenting the ProActive Care package.

The reasons for removing this tier.

The ProActive Care+ package was primarily aimed at WooCommerce run sites and had an increased price point based on the rationale that eCommerce sites require more man hours to keep them running efficiently.

Recently we have made modifications to our automated work flows and have been able to remove those additional man hours required. So it made little sense to keep the tier at a different price point as that is the primary differentiator the amount of time allocated for maintenance.

We also realised that a lot of our WooCommerce facing customers weren’t utilising the service to its full worth, meaning they were over spending on our service offering.

However, the implication of this is because we covered the expense of feature development and deployment of those features in the price point we can no longer afford to do that.

Another step towards a SaaS model, with features becoming on demand.

But what does this mean practically?

  • All sites are going to be set to the ProActive Care price point, regardless of if they are a running lead generation or a WooCommerce store.

Feature development and deployment will now move over to a on demand basis and will incur a monthly fee if applicable, or if a more hours are required to deploy a feature will be charged and billed for that time over and above the included monthly base price’s time allocation.

To Illustrate

Here is a working example (the numbers used below are purely for illustrative purposes)

  • You host a WooCommerce enabled store with us at the ProActive Care monthly rate.
  • 2 months later you decide they want to trial a new type of feature on your store.
    • The cost per month to maintain that functionality is $10USD / pm based on the plugins / extension yearly license of $120USD
    • If you want to buy their own plugin and license and ask as to install and configure then we will charge for the time required to do so only.
  • You won’t be billed to maintain the plugins that we consider critical to our core offering.
  • No Lock-ins

We also believe these changes will mean:

  • You as a client won’t be locked into our offering, meaning, you can migrate to a new provider in line with our terms and conditions at any time.
  • We think this is fairer by being more transparent in terms of billing and functionality deployed on the site.

As yet, we have not decided what plan features that were on the ProActive Care + tier will be moving over to the ProActive Care plan but that information will be available at the end of the month as well as un update to our terms of service.

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