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Automated Cache Warming Goes Live

Today sees the release a rather small feature which will make sure that your site is always primed and ready to deliver content as quickly as possible. What we are releasing into production today is an automated process where we will be “warming up” the cache that is used to deliver content to visitors.

Server response times

We’ve actually been testing this feature for about 4 months now before releasing this into production. On average, we were able to improve the server response times of the test sites by +/- 100 milliseconds. Now an improvement that small might not seem significant but let’s explain why it is.

Illustrating why this important

As an example assuming a web page loaded in 1 second (1000 milliseconds), it will now on average load in 900 milliseconds. Which in the context of speeding a site up is great news, because as we all know quicker sites lead to happier visitors.

Further reading: Caching for WordPress

For a full explanation on how WordPress specifically caches and serves content please read this great explanation from the guys over at WP Explorer

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