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We are the crowd a small online digital marketing company that was established in 2012 Anno Domini with one singular reason for coming into existence: to create great online marketing experiences 

We may be small but we have been privileged enough to work on internationally known brands & companies, but we aren’t snobs like that and we also work with startups looking to disrupt their market space by challenging the incumbent.

So reach out, say hi (we’d love to hear from you), and let’s begin the process of building a digital asset that will help you gain a competitive edge.

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Hosting Improvements and other upgrades.

It’s been a while since we pushed out anything resembling an update, and the reason for that is that we have been working on some new features, that we think you’ll love. We will begin rolling out to all customers in the coming days as…


Referral Spam In Google Analytics

Spam. Not just for your inbox anymore. Over the last year or so we have started noticing a trend in what is known as Google Referral Spam, and it's a terrible thing. Why would a spammer use this tactic i hear you ask, well apparently…


Environment Upgrades: Google Pagespeed Insights + Change in Release Naming Convention

Google Pagespeed Insights This month, we will be upgrading and releasing to all client production websites a new "Core Plugin", the plugin is essential in giving us feedback as to how quickly your site is performing according to Google PageSpeed Insights. With the information gathered…


Kanban Desktop Background / Wallpaper

We've all been there, you know, where your desktop becomes completely cluttered with icons from all over the place. And even though you start off with best intentions of keeping it tidy it almost always becomes such a mess that it takes you 10 minutes…


Flexibility and the Need to Overhaul What We Bill Clients for

Sometimes, in an effort to simplify things, we actually make things more complicated than what they should be, hence why from the 1st of May we will be changing what we bill customers for. This came after some reflection on what we bill clients for…


Security Improvements: Hardening your WordPress Site Against Malicious Attacks

[UPDATE 2016-05-09: these improvements have been deployed to all client sites] There are 3 things we believe are absolutely critical to our WordPress hosting and maintenance service offering: Website Uptime Speed, and Security Today we are pleased to announce that starting early next month we will…


SMTP Relay: SPF & DKIM records

Today we were made aware of an issue with the SMTP relay that we have deployed to make sure that you receive all mail notifications generated by your website. As a result, we have had to change how these notifications are being sent and parsed…


Integrated Dashboarding: From Free to Paid Service

A while back we decided to invest in a dedicated dashboard service which we could use to bring together all of our client's data for a unified top-level report. When we deployed the solution we were, at first, very happy with what it could do…


Relevance & Quality in google.co.za

I was watching a presentation recently by Paul Haahr, who is a senior Google Rankings engineer, that he gave at the recent SMX West conference. I do recommend that anyone who is remotely connected to organic search should watch the video as it’s very insightful…


The Growing Irrelevance of Organic Search Results in the SERPs

I try to not be a doom-sayer etc, especially when it comes to search engine optimisation. Ever since I started optimising sites over a decade ago every year, without fail, there have been calls  that SEO is dead or busy dying. I’ve never really taken…


Complimentary Search Engine Keyword Tracking

Starting Monday the 7th of March we will be deploying complimentary search engine keyword tracking on branded terms for all clients. This report will be generated once a month and will track the current rankings for branded terms. Now you may be asking what is this,…


Assumptions, they suck: time to automate reporting.

One of the things we try to do here at The Crowd is to be as transparent as we possibly can about what we do, and how we are doing it with clients. It goes without saying that this is foundational to building trust. We…


When Data Came to Town

2015 was a very interesting year for us here at the crowd, and as with life, we have to reflect on what our strengths and weaknesses are, where can we improve in our service offering, and where we want to be as a company not…


Monthly Site Upgrades + Dedicated Maintenance Days

Code Upgrades Starting in 2016 we are going to be doing all monthly website upgrades on the first of Monday of every month. We’ve made great strides in our automated release process, and so, we feel comfortable enough to move the site upgrades out from us…


Foundations: Our Newly Introduced Fully Managed Entry Level Hosting Pricing Tier

Our New Fully Managed Base Plan: for those who want to to set and forget We know that you are a busy bunch running your businesses and leaving the online part to us. However, we understand that sometimes there simply isn’t enough time to pay…


Pingdom + Wistia + Integrated Dashboard Reporting

Brief Overview The changes we will be implementing: Upgrading our uptime monitoring software and integrating the results into our shiny new integrated reporting tool. Adding business video streaming into the Conversionomics packages so you don't have competitors pushing advertisements on your content onYoutube. Adding LIVE integrated reporting so you…


Web Analytics 101: the foundation for success online

Measure Performance to be Successful Online It’s a question that all website owners and webmasters ask themselves (and probably on a daily basis as well): “How can I make my site better?” Regardless of what “better” might infer at that particular moment, whether acquiring more…


Perplexed by the Googleplex Zoo?

Complement Your SEO Strategy I think the Mayans were on to something.  2012 was and is the end of the world as we know it (for online businesses at least). No corner of the “interwebs” was untouched by the “Panda / Penguin” paint brush. Some…